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The Win in Me

Pain, fear, shame, and doubt seemed to be a mainstay in my life early on. As I think back over the many phases and stages of my life, early childhood seemed to be the most painful. Suffering from neglect, abuse, and abandonment, was a typical experience during those days. Living in a nightmare was a horrible reality for most of my childhood, and the result of that manifested in many ways throughout my adulthood. At one point I found myself suffering from self-hate, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. In a world that had already been so cruel and unkind, I found myself being the one person that was most unkind to me.



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Initiate Self-Healing, so that you can address the pain and break the chain of desperation, doubt, confusion, hurt, and sadness caused by past trauma. 


Activate Self-Confidence, so that you can awaken, build, strengthen and reveal your inner champion and advance toward your dreams and goals with unwavering courage.


Cultivate Self-Love, so that you can acknowledge, accept and appreciate your own value and worth UNCONDITIONALLY and IRREVOCABLY.


I am passionate about helping women and girls achieve their full potential and helping remove the barriers to their progression. I am excited to announce that I am launching a service to help women achieve their ambitions in their personal and professional lives. This will entail working with women individually, and at an organizational level. 

My newest endeavor, Shero Unleashed, condenses years of knowledge, experience, resilience, intestinal fortitude, client work, and trial and error down into a 8-week program. This fast track training course blends hands on exercises, motivational poetry, live instruction, self-driven action items, and dynamic discussion to help you

Re_ Status Report Meeting Date_ January
Re_ Status Report Meeting Date_ January

As a child, I remember imagining that someone would come and save me from my misery. I would image that a superhero of some sorts would magically show up and take me away from all the pain and hurt. The cruel reality is, no one ever came, and no one was going to come. Through resilience and unwavering perseverance, I learned to become my superhero. It was grit, resilience and perseverance that saved me, and it will be grit, resilience and perseverance that will save you too.


Tinesha Cherry

International Speaker, Leadership Coach, Author 

Tinesha Cherry is a renowned author, poet, and award-winning international speaker.  She has been involved in mentoring, leading, empowering and influencing audiences for more than 22 years.  As a professional speaker, Mrs. Cherry uses a combination of motivational speaking, skillful poetry and compelling story telling to deliver a message of hope and inspiration to teach others how to rise above adversity and achieve their best personal, professional and educational dreams.  Mrs. Cherry has touched the lives of more than 100,000 individuals in more than 24 states and 4 countries.     


Repurpose Your Pain

Repurpose Your Pain

I was born into a life of poverty, abandonment, abuse and neglect. I was born to a mother addicted to heroin, I was born with heroin in my system, I don’t know who my father is, my earliest childhood memory was living in abandoned apartment building where we had to put old food cans on the window seal when it rained just to get water to drink, I’ve been subjected to physical, mental, emotional abuse and molestation, I’ve been in and out of foster homes and I am the product of the adoption system. 


I spent most of my life battling against the fate the world predicted for me.  Early on, the world decided that given my background it was highly unlikely that I would become a productive member of society.  Despite my best efforts to prevent it, my childhood trauma eventually attributed to adulthood drama.  Somewhere along the way, despite my many accomplishments and professional success, I became my own biggest bully.  Outwardly, I projected confidence, strength, and courage, but secretly I struggled with self-esteem, self-confidence, self-worth, and even self-respect.  No matter what heights I would reach or how far I would go, I found myself suffering from imposter syndrome.  I wasn’t smart enough, pretty enough, strong enough or talented enough to really be deserving of true success.  After all, once you stripped away all the fancy titles, there stood the daughter of two drug addicts. 


In a world that had already been so cruel and unkind, I found myself being the one person that was most unkind to me.


It took time, effort, and a lot of self-reflection, but thankfully I learned how to be kind to myself.  It wasn’t quick, it wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t linear.  Eventually, I had to change how I viewed myself, how I treated myself and the words I said to myself.  I was fortunate enough to realize that most of my issues stemmed from a lack of self-love. Once I realized that no one could replace the self-love that was missing inside of me, I learned to silence that voice in my head, rid myself of self-pity and doubt, regain my confidence and unleash the shero inside of me.  Today, I am a wife, mother, author, poet, international motivational speaker, leadership trainer, women’s empowerment coach, founder, and entrepreneur.


Your New Life Awaits



I have developed a program that combines years of knowledge, experience, resilience, intestinal fortitude, client work, and trial and error into a fast track training course. 


If you are ready to excel personally and professionally, live a healthier lifestyle and flourish in your friendships, relationships, and partnerships, book a 30-minute informational and inspirational no pressure call with me to get more information about this life changing program today.


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